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Washington State University National Center for Transportation Infrastructure Durability & Life-Extension (TriDurLE)


Exploring the Feasibility of Innovative Integration of Phace Change Materials for Thermo-Adaptive Asphalt Pavements


Dr. Jenny Liu, Professor
Missouri University of Science & Technology


asphalt have significant effects on the performance and life span of asphalt concrete (AC) pavements, since asphalt is temperature-sensitive. Different from current extensive efforts (design, construction, preservation and repair) to address thermal related distresses of AC pavements, we are proposing an innovative strategy to intrinsically regulate the temperature in AC due to changes in the service environment (i.e. to make AC thermo-adaptive), by integrating phase change materials (PCMs). The new strategy stabilizes PCMs using porous particles of different length scales, which are used to replace aggregate and filler in AC without negatively affecting the AC performance. By adjusting the type and amount of PCMs, comprehensive binder and mixture tests will be conducted to evaluate the effects of the additives on the properties/performances of asphalt binders/mixtures. The results of the proposed study are expected to provide preliminary recommendations to (1) incorporate sufficiently large amount of PCMs without sacrificing mechanical properties; and (2) select PCMs (Ttr, type, and amount) based on specific performance requirements.

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Jenny Liu.

Dr. Jenny Liu