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Washington State University National Center for Transportation Infrastructure Durability & Life-Extension (TriDurLE)

February 24, 2023

Speaker: Chunyu Qiao

“Decryption of Concrete Durability Deterioration Mechanisms Using Concrete Petrography and Image Analysis”


October 25, 2022

Speaker: Haifang Wen

Long-term Bond Characterization of the Interface Between Substrate and Shotcrete Overlay

September 01, 2022

Speaker: Chunan Tang

Rock Failure Process Analysis

July 29, 2022

Speaker: Xiong Zhang

Recent Advances in Measuring Volume of Soil Specimen in Triaxial Testing

June 24, 2022

Speaker: Zhaohui (Joey) Yang

Carbon-Fiber Tape Based Electrical Deicing System: Experiments, Field Performance and Application Issues

April 7, 2022

Speaker: Mostafa Tazarv

Post-Earthquake Assessment of Bridge Columns Using AI Enabled Computer Vision

February 22, 2022

Speaker: Joseph Updike, Forterra

Resiliency and Sustainability in Reinforced Concrete Pipe

February 16, 2022

Speaker: Pierre-Philippe Beaujean, Florida Atlantic University

Poro-Elastic modeling and measurement of rebar corrosion and crack formation using high frequency ultrasonics

January 26, 2022

Speaker: Dr. Mohamed Ashour

Modeling collapsible soil and its impact on axially loaded piles



November, 2021

Speaker: Jenny Liu

Integrating Quality Assurance in Balance Mix Designs for Durable Asphalt Mixtures

October 28, 2021

Speakers: Wesley Marshall and Nicholas Coppola

Evaluating Sidewalk Infrastructure and Prioritizing Investment

June 9, 2021

Speaker: Dr. Surendra Shah

Nanotechnology and Sustainability in Concrete Construction

July 27, 2021

Francisco Presuel-Moreno

Corrosion Propagation of Carbon Steel Rebars in Concrete

June 11, 2021

Larry D. Olson, PE, Olson Engineering

Advance Non-destructive Evaluation Methods for Structural Concrete Assessment

May 6, 2021

Speaker: Dr. Xianming Shi

Durability of Concrete Materials in Cold Regions: Emerging Challenges and Countermeasures

April 22, 2021

Speaker: Dr. Henry Burton, UCLA

Seismic Risk and Resilience Modeling of Distributed Infrastructure Systems

Learn more about Dr. Burton

March 30, 2021

Speaker: Carmen Swanwick, Utah Dept. of Transportation

Career as a Bridge Engineer

Learn more about Carmen Swanwick

February 11, 2021

Speaker: Dr. XB Hu, Missouri University of Science & Technology

Development and Testing of Autonomous Vehicle Technology for Transportation Infrastructure Maintenance

Learn more about Dr. XB Hu


November 17, 2020

Speaker: Dr. Chris Pantelides, University of Utah

Axial Compression Capacity of Concrete Columns Reinforced With Corrosion-Resistant Hybrid Reinforcement

Learn more about Dr. Chris Pantelides

October 20, 2020

Speaker: Dr. Zhongren Wang, California DOT

Implementing a Pavement Management System in California DOT

Learn more about Dr. Wang

August 13, 2020

Speaker: Dr. Alan Jeary, STRAAM Group

Recent Experience With Decoding Information From the Performance of Structures

May 14, 2020

Speaker: Dr. Xiong (Bill) Yu, Case Western Reserve University

Development and Application of Innovative Time Domain Reflectometry Technologies for Civil Infrastructure

Learn more about Dr. Yu

April 16, 2020

Speaker: Dr. Dan Zollinger, Texas A&M University

Functional Aspects of Concrete Pavement Durability

Learn More About Dr. Zollinger

March 19, 2020

Speaker:  Dr. Mostafa Tazarv of South Dakota State University

Best Practices to Evaluate, Rehabilitate, and Replace Local Road Bridges

Learn more about Dr. Tazarv