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Washington State University National Center for Transportation Infrastructure Durability & Life-Extension (TriDurLE)

TriDurLE Symposium December 6 – Day 1

Introduction from Director Xianming Shi

Xianming Shi

Keynote Speaker Bijan Khaleghi

Dr. Bijan Khaleghi

Intervention and rehabilitation of transportation infrastructure through advanced materials, technologies and construction methodologies with a focus on bridges and tunnels

Keynote Speaker John Siekmeier

John Siekmeier, P.E.

Enhancing resilience through performance based asset management

Durable and Sustainable Concrete Materials

Jing Zhong

Graphene oxide nano-engineers the interfacial transition zone on fine aggregate in cement composite

Richard Rogers

Concrete pavement sustainability and long-term performance

Xijing Zhang

Fungal-mediated self-healing for durable concrete

Alex Daddow, Symposium Sponsor, Simpson Strong-Tie

Strengthening of the I-90 Homer M. Hadley Floating Bridge

Advances for Durable and Sustainable Asphalt Pavement

Yong Deng

Predictive models for asphalt pavement rutting in Idaho: neural networks coupled with particle swarm optimization

Jenny Liu

Characterization of highly polymerized Alaskan asphalt

Yizhuang David Wang

Development of healing model and simplified characterization test procedure for asphalt concrete

Balamurugan Subramanian

Catalytic regeneration of reclaimed asphalt binder

Kun Zhang

Recycling of olive pomace as a natural additive to antioxidant performance of asphalt paving materials

Novel Concrete Mixtures

Jialuo He

A durable self-healing concrete using urea-formaldehyde microcapsules and PVA microfibers

Fengjiang Qin

Use of high strength, high ductility engineered cementitious composites (ECC) to enhance the flexural performance of reinforced concrete beams

Zhipeng Li

Laboratory investigation into improving the freezing/thawing resistance of a graphene oxide modified fly ash geopolymer concrete

Damage Evaluation and Resilient Civil Infrastructure

Mohd Mezanur Rahman

Evaluation and load rating of an impact damaged steel girder bridge

Bo Xu

Probabilistic data-driven model for moment-curvature relationship of corroded bridge columns using Bayesian inference-based averaging method

Amir Golalipour

Progress toward more resilient infrastructures

Advances in Pavement and Overlays

Rulian Barros

Performance prediction model for flexible pavements in Mississippi using neural networks

Yong Deng

Backcalculation of damage density of in-service asphalt

Upul Attanayake

Performance of think epoxy overlays applied on concrete

Advances for Durable Concrete Structures

Xianming Shi

Effects of nanomaterials on engineering performance of a siliconate-based sealer for cementitious composite

Sayal Shrestha

Seismic performance of corroded RC columns built using accelerated bridge construction

Mostafa Tazarv

Post-earthquake serviceability of RC columns using computer vision

Xianming Shi

Durability of CFRP-wrapped concrete in cold regions: A laboratory evaluation of montmorillonite nanoclay siloxane epoxy adhesive

Interdisciplinary Approaches to Durability and Resilience of Civil Infrastructure

MD Tanvir Ashraf

Current practices in infrastructure durability and life extension: A systematic literature review, challenges, and opportunities

Tobby Lie

Bridge deterioration forecasting tool using neural networks

Xudong Fan

Resilience-informed road network recovery under flooding hazard

Innovations for Reliable Transportation Infrastructure

Muhammad Saeed Zafar

Additive manufacturing of engineered cementitious composites for transportation infrastructure applications

Mohammod Minhajur

Fatigue life analysis of reinforced concrete beams strengthened with composites

Seyed Hooman Ghasemi

Assessment of the post-earthquake traffic flow capacity of a highway bridge using a reliability based approach

TriDurLE Symposium December 7, 2021 – Day 2

Kelvin Wang, Keynote Speaker

Jason Weiss, Keynote Speaker

Corrosion and Infrastructure Implications

Francisco Presuel-Moreno

Long-term corrosion propagation monitoring of carbon and steel rebars embedded in concrete

Jun Wang

Advanced modeling of bridge columns subjected to corrosion damage

Pierre-Philippe Beaujean

Poro-elastic modeling and acoustic response of corroded rebars in reinforced concrete using high frequency ultrasonics

Fulin Qu

Comparing chloride-binding capacity of cement – GGBFS-NS mixtures in seawater, MaCl and MgCl2 solutions

Mehdi Honarvar Nazari

Reducing the corrosion of transportation infrastructure

Sponsor Tran-SET Presentations

Ibrahim Elnaml

Development of cost effective high modulus asphalt

William Toledo

Effects of substrate texture and moisture conditions on ultra-high performance concrete overlay bond strength

Seyedsalch Mousavinezhad

Durability testing of concrete containing natural pozzolan as a supplementary cementitious material


Performance Monitoring and Transportation Infrastructure

Xianbiao Hu

Analyzing the impact of autonomous maintenance technology to transportation infrastructure capacity for condition monitoring and performance management

Xingyu Wang

Enhanced metallic transportation structures

Advances in Multimodal Transportation Infrastructure

Nicholas Coppola

Evaluating sidewalk infrastructure and prioritizing investment studies

Michael McDonagh

Innovative UHPC mixing and placing techniques for repair of three Illinois bridges

Luna Al Hasani

Predicting and evaluating the thermal performance of a mass concrete abutment wall

Mohamed Ashour

Inundated collapsible soil-indued downdrag on pile foundations

Chris Motter

Experimental testing of steel jacket and FRP retrofitted bridge columns

Michael McDonagh

UHPC repair of steel columns in the walnut tunnel in Philadelphia