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Washington State University National Center for Transportation Infrastructure Durability & Life-Extension (TriDurLE)



TriDurLE is committed to engaging diverse and underrepresented groups with a goal of increasing interest in STEM disciplines and awareness of careers in the transportation fields. These efforts are focusing on providing opportunities for minority students from high school through post-doc to participate in transportation-related research, providing funding for students to participate in symposiums and conferences that provide diversity-related workshops, and providing fellowships to graduate students pursuing transportation-related degrees.

TriDurLE will continue to pursue the development of programs to encourage students from underrepresented fields in order In order for the transportation workforce to reflect the diversity of the national workforce pool. It is expected that the Center will increase interest in STEM disciplines and raise awareness of transportation-related careers among underrepresented groups.

Goal Activity
Increase STEM interest
  • TriDurLE will work with and leverage existing K-12 outreach programs currently operating at the consortium universities.
Increase underrepresented groups in transportation related career fields
  • TriDurLE will recruit minorities and underrepresented groups into programs at consortium universities by offering research assistantships and fellowships.
Raise awareness of transportation careers
  • TriDurLE will fund travel grants for students to attend transportation conferences that will provide exposure and networking opportunities with practitioners and career specialists in transportation fields that also offer diversity training and opportunities.