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Washington State University National Center for Transportation Infrastructure Durability & Life-Extension (TriDurLE)

Project Title

The (In)Equitable Distribution of Quality Bicycling Infrastructure


Wesley Marshall, PI, University of Colorado Denver
Nicholas Ferenchak, Co-PI, University of New Mexico

Project Description

This project seeks to investigate the development of bicycling infrastructure through a transportation justice lens. More specifically, how equitable has the distribution of this infrastructure been across the socioeconomic/sociodemographic spectrum? We will also seek to investigate whether the installation of bicycling facilities leads to socioeconomic/sociodemographic changes in a neighborhood or vice versa. While we will not be able to resolve this causality dilemma, we will be able to identify the strength and direction of these relationships. We will answer these research questions via an exhaustive, longitudinal data collection effort – for at least ten U.S. cities – combined with statistical analysis. The results will assist cities and DOTs in managing and monitoring their bicycling infrastructure, assessing its equality, as well as understanding the potential implications for those that live and work in these neighborhoods. The results of this project will benefit cities looking to better understand, manage, and monitor their bicycling infrastructure while also providing them with a better understanding of the neighborhood/housing impacts associated with infrastructure decisions.

Project Details

Project Visuals

Wesley Marshall PI
Nicholas Ferenchak Co-PI