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Washington State University National Center for Transportation Infrastructure Durability & Life-Extension (TriDurLE)

Project Title

Development of microcapsule-based self-healing, high-strength engineered cementitious composites (SHHS-ECC)


Jialuo He, PI
Xianming Shi, Co-PI
Zhigang Zhang, Co-PI

Project Description

The durability of High-strength engineered cementitious composites (HS-ECC) is severely challenged once cracks are formed in a HS-ECC structural member, especially for those exposed to harsh environments (e.g., laden with chloride or sulfates). In this context, the goal of this project is to design a self-healing HS-ECC by virtue of microcapsules encapsulating healing agent. The multi-scale self-healing ability of the HS-ECC will be achieved through the combined use of microcapsules and continuous hydration of cementitious materials, so as to maintain the superior durability of HS-ECC. To this end, this exploratory laboratory investigation aims to:
1) identify the mix designs of HS-ECC incorporating microcapsules, based on the micromechanics theory
2) evaluate the self-healing effectiveness of HS-ECC, in terms of restoration level of tensile and transport properties
3) study the effect of crack width and pre-cracking age on the self-healing efficiency of HS-ECC.

Project Details

Project Visuals

Dr. Jialuo He

Dr. Xianming Shi

Dr. Zhigang Zhang