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Washington State University National Center for Transportation Infrastructure Durability & Life-Extension (TriDurLE)


Performance of ABC Columns and Cost-Effective Retrofit Strategies Subjected to Synergistic Distress Resulting From Corrosion and Seismic Loading (Year 2)


Dr. Chris Pantelides, PI, University of Utah

Dr. Yail JImmy Kim, PI, University of Colorado, Denver


This proposal presents a comprehensive research program concerning the durability of field assembled columns with accelerated bridge construction (ABC), when subjected to synergistic distress resulting from corrosion and seismic loadings. Although ABC is an emerging trend in the United States due to a number of advantages (e.g., minimal disruption to traffic and quality control), there is a lack of knowledge on the performance of corroded ABC columns and connection elements in earthquake-prone zones. Accordingly, no design provisions are available in published specifications. To address such a practical need, technical investigations are conducted through large-scale laboratory testing in conjunction with advanced analytical modeling. Of interest are the mechanisms of corrosion initiation and progression in ABC columns, hysteretic responses, ductility, structural vulnerability, failure probability, and the formation of plastic hinges. Upon elucidating the behavior of the columns, cost-effective retrofit strategies are established using non-corrosive carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) composites to extend the longevity of the deteriorated ABC systems. All findings will be integrated to develop implementation guidelines. Significant synergies are expected by the collaboration of the University of Utah and the University of Colorado Denver in terms of a scientific understanding of the subject area, educational activities, and technology transfer. Three engineers from the state Departments of Transportation (DOTs) participate in the research program to help generate practical outcomes, including two industry partners, which immediately benefit the infrastructure community. Conforming to the TriDurLe thrust areas, the project brings to light the state of the art of ABC technologies and provides opportunities to students from underrepresented groups.

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Chris P. Pantelides.
Dr. Chris Pantelides
Yail Jimmy Kim.
Dr. Yail Jimmy Kim