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Washington State University National Center for Transportation Infrastructure Durability & Life-Extension (TriDurLE)


Development of Environmental Response Asphalt Technology for Asphalt Pavement Life Extension

Research Team

Xiong (Bill) Yu
Professor and Interim Chair,
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering,
Case Western Reserve University

Project Description

The proposed innovation is to further develop a thermochromic asphalt technology that features a dynamic solar reflectance. The material will reflect more solar radiation at high temperature and absorbs more solar radiation at low temperature. Therefore it will make pavement cooler during hot summer days (therefore reduce the associated rutting, bleeding, etc.) and make the pavement warmer during cold winter days (therefore delay ice formation for the benefits of snow and ice removal and mitigate low temperature crack). These will improve the durability of asphalt road, improve winter maintenance, and mitigate the negative environmental impacts of conventional asphalt due to high surface temperature in summer (i.e., urban heat island effects, volatile gas emission, etc.).

More Details


Xiong (Bill) Yu.


Department Chair, Civil Engineering
Case Western Reserve University