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Washington State University National Center for Transportation Infrastructure Durability & Life-Extension (TriDurLE)


Multi-Level Resilience-Based Transportation Asset Management (TAM) Framework using Bayesian Network


Ji Yun Lee, PI, Washington State University
Yue Li, PI, Case Western Reserve University
Xiong Yu, Co-PI, Case Western Reserve University


This project proposes a multi-level resilience-based transportation asset management framework using Bayesian network. The framework is aimed at (a) measuring transportation network resilience at multiple management levels (e.g., project, network and enterprise levels), (b) tracking and quantifying uncertainties existing at every level so as to effectively manage uncertainties in assessing the overall network resilience, (c) determining the optimal combination of inspection/monitoring techniques based on Value of Information, and (d) providing the optimal allocation of budgets to multiple pre- and post-disaster resilience-enhancing strategies.

The project will provide decision-makers (e.g., state DOT risk managers, executives, and program and project managers) with several analytical models, including (a) component-level time-dependent reliability analysis and its updating procedure based on different types of inspection and monitoring techniques; (b) network analysis which can incorporate both the robustness of components and the adaptive capacity of a network; (c) Bayesian-network-based resilience assessment model that evaluates each resilience capacity at multiple transportation management system levels and quantifies uncertainty at every assessment stage; and (d) asset management strategies by disaggregating resilience into the three resilience capacities using backward simulation. The framework itself and such analytical models can be implemented in risk-/resilience-based transportation asset management. Moreover, this project can be extended to develop a Python interactive tool, which is designed to enable transportation agencies to understand how the research findings can be easily and successfully implemented in improving the resilience of their transportation system.


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Ji Yun Li, PI

Dr. Ji Yun Lee is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Washington State University (WSU). Prior to joining WSU in 2017, Dr. Lee served as a Postdoctoral Scholar in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of California, Los Angeles (2016-2017) and a Visiting Faculty in the Department of Civil, Environmental and Construction Engineering at the of Central Florida (2015-2016). She received her Ph.D. (2015) in Civil Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology, her M.S. (2011) in Civil Engineering from Stanford University, and her B.S. (2009) in Architectural Engineering from Korea University. Her research experience and interests lie in the general field of structural reliability and risk assessment of civil infrastructure systems and supply chain network exposed to extreme events, risk-informed decision-making, and infrastructure/community resilience.